Flamingo (2017)
A flamingo searches the country for a place that feels right.



Turtle Race (2016)
Several turtles compete to win a speed race organized by humans. One non-competitive turtle misunderstands the goal of the race.



Thank You So Much (2015)
A small creature named June is interviewed by a Hollywood type host who asks her vague questions.



My Fuckin' Dad (2016)
Three Midwestern boys brag about how cool their dads are using their own childish metrics.



Holiday Talent Show (2015)
Three small animals try their best to put on an act for the Holiday Talent Show. One plays bassoon with upmost seriousness, one unknowingly but earnestly plays out of key, and one creature dances blissfully in the center.

Winner of the Jenny Slate / Studio 360 "It's a Wonderful Short" contest




Birdie Cafe (2015)
A shot from the PHOX film Amor Fati in which I animated a lively Midwestern cafe scene over film.



The Eggwalker (2014)
A space creature called the Eggwalker takes a stroll in his native land.



Petting (2014)
A lady and her dog watch TV.



Bonnet (2014)
A young girl on a walk in the moutains loses her bonnet.